These are our areas of specialization: Strategic Messaging, One-on-One Executive Coaching, Crisis Consulting, and Marketing Communications. We pride ourselves in being street-fighters; we have been in the trenches as reporters and professional communicators our entire careers.  How may we use our expertise to help you communicate clearly?

Strategic Messaging

Take away the hype.  Throw out bells.  Silence the whistles. What’s left? –  Your core messages, simple and to the point. Whether your brand is on the Web, on the street, or in the minds of customers, having a strategic and targeted messaging strategy often is the key to being remembered. Our results-driven methods ensure that your messages are clear, consistent and resonate, regardless of the audience, platform or medium.

Messaging services include:
– Communications Audits
– Messaging Workshops
– Messaging Document Development
– Staff Development/Coaching
– Writing/Editing

One-on-One Executive-Level Coaching

Next to death, standing up and communicating is the number one fear in America. At the same time, study after study shows that those persons who succeed in life are usually excellent communicators. Even for top executives, being good at being verbal is tough. You can’t learn it by osmosis. But you can learn to be an interesting and dynamic communicator through coaching, then practice. Led by expert communicator Anthony Huey, these highly-interactive and entertaining executive-level one-on-one coaching sessions reveal the secrets to effectively communicating in a multitude of situations.

Coaching is tailored to the executive’s individual requirements and skill level. Specific areas of instruction include:

  • Presentational Skills Evaluation and Coaching
  • Q&A/Conversation Skills Evaluation and Coaching
  • Non-Verbal Skills Evaluation and Coaching
  • Message Development

The executive will leave Anthony’s coaching session with:
–  A candid and confidential evaluation of the executive’s communications skills.
–  New insights on using body language to enhance communications.
–  Techniques to reduce nervousness and make the audience more open to ideas.
–  A revolutionary new approach to creating memorable presentations.
–  Proven techniques to leave a positive and lasting impression on an audience.
–  Advice on how to speak from PowerPoint…the correct way.
–  A training plan to eliminate “ummms” and “ahhhhs” and other distracting verbal bad habits.
–  Tips on how to more effectively control the physical environment.
–  New and more effective ways to present as a team.
–  And much more!

Crisis Consulting and Planning

By the time you hear the thunder, it’s too late to build the ark. Somewhere within every organization, a crisis is waiting to happen. Fortunately, with a modest amount of preparation, and a detailed, action-based plan, early mistakes can be minimized and corrected. This means less damage to your reputation, credibility and employee morale.  Our pragmatic, step-by-step, and battle-proven communications plan template is the most important first step to preparing for the worst.

Reputation Management , LLC’s expertise is based on consulting on dozens of actual crises.

We can help you:

– Develop and update a crisis communications plan to prepare for any crisis situation.
– Prepare your crisis team to be ready to deal with all aspects of an emergency.
– Develop strategies for communicating with all of your stakeholder groups.
– With on-site counsel during all crisis situations and follow-up after the crisis.

Specialized Training

Anthony offers several customized training courses that help companies and organizations become better communicators. Topics include:

–  Executive-Level Coaching
–  Sales Training
–  How  to Control Any Conversation
–  Reporting to Analysts
–  Preparing to Testify
–  Media Training for Receptionists and Security
–  Chef & Restaurant Training
–  Talk Show Training
–  Media Training for Attorneys