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It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Whether you realize it or not, your communication skills are constantly being judged by others, often subconsciously. How you communicate in everything from casual conversations to formal presentations can be the difference between success and failure.  Don’t miss what is often your only opportunity to connect and leave a lasting impression. These highly interactive, hands-on sessions teach effective ways to communicate your message clearly to a wide variety of audiences you deal with every day, including customers, prospects, internal staff, boards of directors, management, community partners, the news media, elected officials, investors, and many others.

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Making Your Message Memorable: Presentations

Stand up, stand out and stand apart.  Next to death, standing up and communicating in front of a group of people is the number one fear in America. At the same time, study after study shows that those persons who succeed in life are usually excellent communicators. All of that knowledge in your head is worthless if you can’t communicate it clearly.  This highly-popular session teaches you how to stand on your feet and make your message memorable. From formal speaking, business meetings and presentations to one-on-one conversations, this session is designed to make you and your team more dynamic communicators.

Making Your Message Memorable: Conversations

Respond to Any Question…From Anyone. The question came out of left field, a question you never expected, and one for which you have no answer. What to do? Unacceptable options are stammering, silence, inappropriate laughter, and just plain verbal panic. What you need to do is think quickly, then take control. This session will give you the techniques and strategies you need to respond to difficult, even angry, questions, all the while looking for opportunities to say what you want to say.

Communicating in a Crisis

30 Years of Work Destroyed in 30 Seconds. Somewhere within every organization, a crisis is waiting to happen. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year or even in five years; you can’t be sure what the crisis will be or when it will strike. But you can be sure that a crisis will put your organization’s hard earned image and reputation up for grabs. We teach attendees how to communicate with the media, and many other audiences, during a crisis. Attendees will learn how to respond to questions briefly and directly, and learn how to control the flow of information in a crisis.

Talking Like a Leader: Perception is Truth!

The old adage, perception is reality, has never been more true than in today’s superficial, hyper-critical and social media-driven world. Studies increasingly show that perception trumps facts when people make judgements of others. For today’s business leaders, communicating clearly – both interpersonally and organizationally – is often the number one driver in controlling that perception. This session, popular as a keynote, gives executives pragmatic keys to swaying internal and external perception in their favor.

Surviving a News Interview

How to Survive (and Master) a News Interview. Today’s savvy business leaders realize that the media are a powerful tool in both marketing an organization’s message and mitigating damage in the time of a crisis. Participants will leave the session with very specific tools on how to conduct a news interview, communicate to many different audiences, and get the organization’s message across in a clear way. This session is excellent for beginners or those already familiar with the news media and has become popular as a refresher course to hone techniques and keep skills sharp.

Crisis Management in the Age of Social Media

By the time you hear the thunder, it’s too late to build the ark. The crisis you never expected suddenly strikes. With only one local news station covering the story, you think you’ve dodged a bullet. But 50,000 tweets, retweets, FaceBook posts and YouTube videos later, you’ve realized that protecting your reputation is a lot harder than it used to be!  This session quickly dives into key crisis management philosophies and strategies critical to every organization communicating during a negative event, when time is critical and managing social media is a priority.  

Advanced Selling Skills: Sales Message CPR

Breathing new life into your sales pitch. In today’s competitive business environment, even savvy sales executives are finding it difficult to separate their company from the competition. The difference between winning and losing the sale often rests on how well they communicate during the sales process. Unfortunately for many companies, ineffective sales messages, meaningless sales “puffery,” boring PowerPoint presentations, and mishandling customer questions do little to make them stand out. 

Delivering Your Message on the Front Lines: Customer Service Skills

They say great communicators are made, not born, but improving communication skills is an area that even some of the best organizations overlook. This session teaches your front-line team the essentials of effective interpersonal communications.   This highly interactive, hands-on session will teach employees at every level of business more effective ways to communicate — with clarity and purpose — to co-workers, customers, the public and a variety of others they deal with every day.

Insider Secrets to a Re-energized PR Program

Hit the reset button on a stagnant media relations program. This highly entertaining session teaches you the PR pros’ secrets to using the news media to market a company or organization. Attendees will learn how to grab the attention of bloggers as well as mainstream print, radio and TV news reporters; how to leverage social media to reach traditional media; new ways to more effectively generate positive news and much more! This session uses real-life video examples to illustrate key teaching points.


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