Communicating as a Leader: Perception is Truth!

The old adage, perception is reality, has never been more true than in today’s superficial, hyper-critical and social media-driven world. Studies increasingly show that perception trumps facts when people make judgements of others. For today’s business leaders, communicating clearly – both interpersonally and organizationally – is often the number one driver in controlling that perception. This session, popular as a keynote, gives executives pragmatic keys to swaying internal and external perception in their favor. 

Key Take-Aways

  • The power of perception
  • Communication’s impact on perception.
  • Keys to controlling external perceptions.
  • The leader: Style vs. substance.
  • Keys to improving intrapersonal perceptions.

Session Details

  • Unlimited number of attendees.
  • Session can be tailored to fit any timeframe, but most popular is a 1-hour keynote speech.